Dynamic Communities Leadership Academy Professional Certificates.  It is a six-week program that is available to active community members to accelerate their careers and, enable them to drive leadership initiatives throughout their organizations. 

Change Management

Woosh! That’s the sound of the world-changing. The speed is accelerating but it’s not easy to handle for most people. In this program you will learn how to manage change within yourself, your teams and organization.

Team Management

This program is specifically designed so you learn how to manage your team in the most effective and productive way possible without being seen as a tyrant.

Communication Mastery

Communication, the human connection, is the key to personal and professional success.

Outcome Driven

Become a leader who drives outcomes and delivers raw business value with confidence.

Executive Development: Leading High-Impact Teams

Become a high-impact leader by learning how to build and lead a powerful, successful team.

Stay In The Loop

Remain a top professional, always know when latest management and leadership courses go live.

Communication Mastery

Communication is everything. By far the most critical skill professionally. In this course you’ll learn how to articulate the bare essentials, share your vision with your team and turn your thoughts into action.

Outcome Driven

Focus is the most valuable resource you have. Learn how to take an outcome based approach and turn your mind into a laser so that you achieve your professional goals and receive recognition.

Executive Development

The most successful executives are always looking for an edge. In this course you’ll learn from your executive peers running billion dollar companies on the topics that matter today: Digital Transformation, Individual Ownership, Influence and Autonomous Team Structures.